2 Most Bizarre And Grotesque Knives That Intrigue All

Men have a poise for beauty. And they have an inclination for the weird … and sometimes the outright ugly. Does anyone remember Blackberry - the ugly phone that we all wanted so bad? There’s primarily something magnetic about imperfection that attracts men - the jagged mountain, the uneven surface of rocky terrain and woodlands, and even in women. Cher is far from the dolled-up beauty on Baywatch, and yet men find her irresistible, they would throw away their wives to spend a night with her.

Knives are no different. While we love the smooth, the stunning, and the most beautiful knives - we also crave for that blade that stands out, that bonds with us, appeals to the heart. I have a green ugly hunting knife that’s bonded with me the moment I saw it. It’s the blade I reach for every time I need a sharp edge for even minor tasks. Knife smiths have the same penchant for the weird and grotesque. Often, their personal favorite is the one that’s least favored.

So, saying that, let’s take a look at some genuinely beastly and hideous knives. You never know, you might find one attractive and even bond forever.

The Most Grotesque Knives


We’ll kick off the show with a truly weird and wacky knife that resembles .. erm a mad designer’s vision that will be understood a thousand years from now. CRKT makes some top-of-the-line hunting knives and switchblades, but no one has any idea where they were trying to go with their Compano knife. It’s truly bizarre. At a glance, you might think it’s a bartending tool or even come across as a video game prop. It does have a small sharp blade over a handle that can claim a permanent place in London’s Tate Modern for its ultra-modern wacky design. This is the least ergonomic knife since the days when men used flint and wooden sticks to make spearheads for hunting. However, all said - I want this knife bad. It calls my soul ... I want it to go with me on all my hunting trips along with the rest of my camping gear. And it’s only gonna set me back $50.

Tekto Gear - SLEDGE

The more I look at this really weird hunting knife, the more it intrigues me. The SLEDGE is not your typical cleaver, and it’s certainly not a hunting knife you want to depend on in the elk country. The blade reminds me of the meat cutters in Italy- only more robust and can chop off a buck’s limb. The blade also sports a hook at the base. To open a cold one in the wild? Seems unnecessary. But it’s those imperfections that somehow conspire against logic. You can’t seem to get it out of your mind. You try to justify all the weirdness. Is it the rosewood handle? Or maybe the blade is deadlier with a curve. To me, it’s like a gorgeous woman with hair undone, oblivious to her beauty.

The Japanese have an expression for this. They say ‘Wabi Sabi’ which has no exact English word for it but roughly translates to perfection in imperfection.