Top 3 Best Tekto Folding Knives

How many times in your life have you wished that you had a small pocket-knife at hand? You've got a package to open, there's a thread hanging from your T-shirt, there's no can-opener in the office kitchen, the fishing line's too long, something’s stuck in a crack…

I can go on and on and list all those times when we all wished we had a handy little knife around us. Alas, all we had was a cell-phone in our pockets and none of the apps could do the job.

An Ancient Tool for the Modern Living.
A folding knife might have a lot of miles on it but it's stood the test of time. It's still the best cut tool for the modern living – no exaggeration.

From hunting to laptop repair, mundane to life-transforming – what this little maverick can accomplish is truly astounding.

For many of us who like spending times in the backcountry and camping, a folding knife is as essential as a mobile phone. For others, it's an everyday tool they simply can't go out without.

So Damn Hard to Pick a Knife! No More.
The folding knife has been around for centuries and has evolved with time to bring many different styles and thousands of models to choose from.

The result? It's become pretty darn difficult to pick the right one. But not anymore.

What the bladesmiths have done at Tekto, is spend months and years researching the finest folding knives of all times and then select the ones that best meet our modern-day needs.

Here, you can choose from about a dozen awesome folding pocket knives. Each comes with its own unique strength, features and they're all as good as the next one.

But I'm going to further shortlist them and list my favorite top three. These, I feel are the best to get anyone out of the woods whether at home or outdoors.

Forged in Fire – Top 3 Tekto Folding Knives

Foxtrot (discontinued)
I'll start with my personal favorite. This blade is one of the most versatile all-around performers you'll find in the market today.

This tactical folder looks sleek, sports an urban design that fits all styles and weighs a perfect 0.37lbs which means it weighs just right for an everyday carry cutter.

Perfect travel companion for those who like to venture the wild side. A must-have tool in every backpack today.

You just can't praise this knife enough. The blade reminds one of the legendary Japanese Katana and its performance matches the resemblance.

The blade is mounted firmly on a handle and perfectly balanced. This enables it to slice and hack through sandbags and game with little effort. It's the perfect aide for fishing, hunting, hiking or any survival situation.

This exceptional workmanship can embellish an art gallery but perhaps finds its real purpose in the Amazonian wilderness. An indispensable knife for those who appreciate art forged in fire.

It’s not by accident that Lima is the best seller at Tekto. This blade will feature in most blade lovers' top 3 list.

The retro wooden handle has a modern carbon fiber twist that gives this knife a fresh, elegant look. But it's really what's mounted on the sturdy handle that makes Lima such a standout.

The clean and hard carbon steel blade is perfectly poised - one of the most well-balanced edges I've ever come across. It's a slicer and a chopper. This marine-style blade with a quick discharge/retract mechanism is your complete all-purpose tactical knife.