Why We Love Tekto Tactical Slingshots

If you were a kid famous for causing trouble around the block, a slingshot was probably one of your favorite accomplices on your conquests. Tekto Gear is bringing those childhood memories back with a series of Tactical Slingshots that will turn every day into an adventure, regardless of your age.

We're not going to dare slam your favorite childhood toy since we all know those improvised babies were the best. But these tactical slingshots definitely come a close second built from strong materials and powerful technology. 

Even if you don't have fond memories of annoying your neighbors playing turf wars with a slingshot, now is the time to finally try out these pocket-size destroyers.

Let's take a peek at the Tekto Gear shop and see why even the adults are going crazy about the tactical slingshots.

Tactical Slingshot T-18T-18 Slingshot
T18 is perfect for the beginners, bringing all the fun and adventure of a powerful slingshot without being too pricey. This metal slingshot features a support frame and high-tension triple rubber bands that ensure your hits are always precise and forceful.

Whether you're a righty or a leftie, thanks to a comfortable ergonomic handle, you'll be able to shoot comfortably. This tiny monster is guaranteed to get you out to your backyard as soon as you unpack it.

Tactical Slingshot L19
L19 Slingshot
This modern take on the traditional slingshot design is probably something Dennis the Menace would use to wreak havoc today. This lightweight slingshot is made of aluminum and rubber and it perfectly fits your pocket, which makes it easy to carry and store.

Its double rubber bands promise a lot of strength and power, while its ergonomically designed grip provides comfortable use for both right-handed and left-handed shooters.

Tactical Slingshot X22
X22 Slingshot
X22 takes your slingshot game to the next level. A combination of an aluminum lightweight body powered by springs and the elastic rubber bands accelerates the shot and creates an insane amount of power every time. Plus, the frame is fully adjustable to ensure maximum accuracy.

Don't worry about comfort either because this awesome slingshot has everything covered. Righties and lefties can both comfortably use this pocket-size killer machine due to its steady handle and a wrist-support frame.

Tactical Slingshot W71
W71 Slingshot
We're not exaggerating when we say that W71 is the king of all slingshots. This elegant tactical slingshot brings all the power of the other models in our store but boosts your whole experience with incredible accuracy and unparalleled performance.

How? W71 comes with infrared sight and a laser flashlight, promising the ultimate precision even at night. With this powerful slingshot, you don't have to cut the adventure short once it gets dark. If you're looking for total domination, this is the ideal slingshot for you.

Become A Kid Again

Once you've held and shot one of Tekto tactical slingshots, it becomes clear that these powerful babies are not to be confused with children's toys. Even so, they will take you back in time and make you feel like a mischievous kid again.