How To Throw A Knife Like A Pro

From invincible Wolverine to the swift and stunning Lara Croft, they’ve all mastered the art. In a flash, these legends can whip out sharp blades and send them flying with pinpoint accuracy. And it’s not just Marvel’s superheroes, 80s cowboys were a master at throwing daggers - ermm well at least in the movies. Don’t forget, our favorite grave digger and adventurer Indiana Jones was particularly skilled at knife throwing. For most of us though knife throwing has always remained in tales and legends, in movies and plays. In real life, very few of us actually aspired to take on shooting daggers as a sport, until recently. Thanks to hugely popular reality shows like Americas Got Talent and movies like Hunger Games, the popularity of this ancient sport has shot to the sky. And why not? Seeing someone throwing a knife and nailing a target is an impressive sight. Throwing three daggers in a flash and all hitting the same spot is no mean trick. Can you do it? You bet. That’s why we’re here. So, let’s get started.


Pick The Right Throwing Knives

The first step of learning how to throw daggers is to get the right fixed blade knives. These are different from knives that we’re used to in the kitchen or even other tactical fixed blade knives.

Ideally, you should get a set of well-balanced throwing knives. Most sets come in a pack of 3 knives. This will save you time from running back and forth from the target. Some experts suggest knives for beginners with heavier blades. This does help rotation in the air. But we recommend otherwise. Get something like Gil Hibben Competition Triple Thrower. They’re great to start your game with.


Holding The Knife Right

The stance: Your stance is the foundation behind your overall technique. Get this right. Keep your body relaxed, A stiff, tensed stance is counterproductive. You should be standing ( and not sitting) for precision body movement. Place your right foot ahead of your left (for right-handed) and find balance. Swap around if you’re a fortunate lefty. If you’ve ever played dart, this should be your stance. Get your stance right even before holding the knives.

The Grip: There are 2 main ways how you can grip your blade - by the handle and by the blade. The rule is to hold the lighter end of the blade, so the heavier end flies off first. There are a few basic grip styles - Standard Grip, Pinch Grip, McEvoy Grip, and Hammer Grip. We suggest you start with the Standard Grip.

Use your index, middle finger, and ringer to hold your knife Your thumb should be relaxed and curled on the opposite side. Position all fingers towards the center of your knife.


Throwing The Knife

Now, the part you’ve been waiting for. As a beginner, we suggest throwing a half-spin. It is the most popular technique and does a half spin on its way to the target. Move 15 feet from your target for a good starting point. Now ..
  1. Take your stance and get comfortable.
  2. Grip your knife and be relaxed.
  3. Raise the knife as if you’re about to hammer a nail in the wall. At this point, the blade should be at eye level.
  4. Pull your arm back and get ready for a moderate throw. No need to try to nail and shatter the target.
  5. Release the knife when it’s fully in front of you. Let your arm and body follow through in the direction.

Practice, practice, practice. Within days you’ll get the feel of the knife. It’ll fly off easier and get closer towards the target.