Under-Priced Tactical Knives

One of the things I love most about hiking and survival situations is the intimacy. Not only is it about the life and nature relationship but also about the man and tool connection in the raw wilderness. Out there you need hardware you can bond with and rely on. And the first tool we need is a knife. When dancing with the wolves in the frosty Alaskan wilderness, a knife can stand between life and death. But a survival knife is not just any knife sold with a 'tactical' tag on it. Leave the wilderness behind and take a trip to AliExpress and you'll find the lowest quality knives unsuitable for camping carrying the label 'tactical'.

We're going to shy away from the typical knife recommendations and go deep to show you the most bad-ass knives that are forged to take on the wrath of the untamed. These are rugged tactical knives tried and tested in the field, and the wild, by marines and survival cognoscenti.

We're going to take a look at the three most popular knife types - fixed blade knives, folding knives, and automatic knives, all geared for extreme survival.


TEKTO CARBONADO Best Overall Value For Money

There was a time back in the days when knives didn't measure your coordinates and beep reminder about your dentist appointment. It was designed to do just one task - cut. Tekto brings the survival folding knife back to its original form and function. This is a rugged survival folding knife with a 440C razor-sharp steel blade and an ergonomic aluminum handle that come together in a tank solid construction.

If you don't care about the bells and whistles and just want a ruthless survival knife you can clip to your belt, this is your ideal folding knife that comes at an unbelievable low price of just $80.


Not often you'll carry a folding knife with a survival pedigree that can live up to Laser Strike. This high-carbon bruiser is a favorite among the survival buffs at Tekto Gear and has traveled the globe with us. Don't be fooled by its medium size, the powder-coated 4.75" blade can outshine fixed blade knives twice their size. The knife boasts an outstanding edge. It comes with an added survival feature - resting inside the interior steel are a pair of tinder tabs and ferrocerium flint. Spark a flame and start a fire even in damp surroundings.

MIRAGE Ultimate Survival Switchblade

If you're a hard sell for automatic survival knives, take a look at the MIRAGE. This wild beauty from Tekto was my instant companion at the first flick. Right out of the box, you can see it's a solid knife with an impeccable quality finish. The knife boasts a bad-ass double-edged, semi serrated, drop point Damascus blade that feels sharp enough to slice a gliding silk scarf in two halves. But it's not just a thing of beauty to admire. Out in the wild, this is a reliable ally that's ready to fire. A D2 steel blade means this workhorse will retain its edge even after relentless torture. A must-have automatic knife if you're going to test your limits.