About Us

Coming from a military family, growing up in the countryside, spending time outdoors, camping, and hunting, the importance of proper tools is essential. Ingrained in our foundation is the knowledge acquired through years of the outdoors lifestyle that brought the Tekto Gear brand to life. Lakes of knowledge and a constructive vision passed down through generations flow through our unique products. Decades of evolving styles inject each line to bring potency into the tools to drive the story of our beginnings, creating a surreal, high-standard experience using the Tekto Gear products.

Our Tekto Gear culture is the derivative of our humble beginnings. Tekto Gear is a self-sufficient, creative, diverse, and empowering family. The growth of our brand depends on the growth of our culture. The Tekto Gear employees are the seed, soil, water, and sunlight of this ever-growing environment.

Experiences of the past, combined with the knowledge of the present, paves the way for new and innovative growth. At Tekto, our goal is to bring you an expansive collection of first-rate, military-grade combat knives and gears. Today, we showcase an arsenal of tactical gears ranging from OTF (out-the-front), folding knives, pocket knives, axes, machetes, tactical slingshots, outdoor survival equipment, and accessories.

Perfectly crafted Tekto knives are designed in the United States of America. Parts arrive in our San Francisco studio from all over the world (including the U.S.) and conform to our strict quality guidelines.

An army of metallurgists, knife-smiths, and staff supervise every edge, every rivet to ensure each tactical knife offers a razor-sharp edge, a safe silky transition, and a comfortable in-hand feel.

Thanks to laser cutting technology, Tekto knives offer one of the best contemporary blade geometries. The complex and delicate process of compound grind gives our blades that fine cutting edge that holds even after relentless torture.